Projekt Partner Gruppe

Where We Are...

...And What We Do

The Project Partner Group is located in Hamburg but mainly working all over Germany and in international relations. Based on the experience of the different partners in the field of project management we are mainly working in a few sectors:

In general, the public sector is the oldest of the different fields we are working for.

The second is health care services and public health, very often linked to the public sector.

The third sector is water and the protection of the environment.

All these project activities are often combined with the German governmental activities in international development but also NGO activities.

And although we are theme driven, the aspects of organizational development and capacity development are part of the daily work.

 Actual Activities...

....still going on

Beside the commercial driven activities as well as beside actual projects in development co-operation there are teaching activities at Fresenius Highschool for health economics and - in kind co-operation with third parties - activities in the not for profit sector.

An increasing field is organizational support and facilitation distributed by our partly PP owned hc company with the brand initio. For more details click here